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Opiates 2000ng Single Panel Drug Test Card CLIA WAIVED

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The Single Panel Drug Test Card is a one-step solution for on-site urine drug testing. With 99% accurate results, our single panel drug test is one of the best alternatives to laboratory testing and one of the most accurate drug tests on the market today.

Laboratories typically make you wait 24 – 48 hours for results and charge high lab fees – with the single panel drug test, results are presented in five minutes or less, saving you time and money. We also offer unmatched discounts on bulk orders – save more when you buy more, and never worry about the tests expiring – each has a shelf life of 16 – 24 months. Opiates 2,000 ng/ml - Opiates such as heroin, morphine, and codeine are derived from the resin of opium poppy. The principal metabolites of opiates are morphine, morphine-3-glucuronide normorphine and codeine with a half-life of about 3 hours. Heroin is quickly metabolized to morphine.

Thus, morphine and morphine glucuronide mightboth be found in the urine of a person who has taken only heroin. The body also changes codeine to morphine. Thus, the presence of morphine (or the metabolite, morphine glucuronide) in the urine indicates heroin, morphine and/or codeine use. The test for opiates (OPI) of single drug test yields a positive result when the morphine in urine exceeds 2000ng/mL.

Technical Notes:

  1.  Common cross-reactants: Poppy seeds contain codeine/morphine and, as such, can cause a true positive opiate test.
  2.  Current US SAMHSA screening cutoff: 2,000 ng/mL
  3.  Current GC/MS (industry standard) confirmation cutoff: 2,000 ng/mL for codeine and/or morphine.
  4.  Other cutoff: 300 ng/mL Opiate cutoff was the historical SAMHSA cutoff; still used on occasion outside regulated drug testing (clinical, OUS)
  5.  Codeine and heroin metabolize to morphine in the body. Codeine is also eliminated unchanged.
  6.  The Lab Market distributes Opiate assays with cutoff levels of 300 and 2,000 ng/mL. Both are FDA cleared and target morphine as the primary antigen. 

  • Model: DOP-114

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