2 Panel Drug Test Card CLIA WAIVED

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What is a 2 panel drug test?

The 2-panel drug test card is one of the most easy and economical on-site urine drug testing kit. Obtains results for the most common illicit drugs in less than five minutes, has an extended shelf life of 16 - 24 months, is FDA 510(K) cleared to market and uses SAMHSA approved guidelines.Also, we have CLIA Waived options available. 

¡Easy to use, fast results and excellent pricing is what defines The Lab Market's 2 Panel drug screen test!

Our 2-panel drug test will detect:

  • DOA-124: Cocaine and THC-Marijuana
  • DOA-424: THC-Marijuana and Methamphetamines

2 Panel Drug Test Procedure:  

  • Collect urine from the donor in a disposable collection cup.
  • If the collection cup has a temperature strip read it and make sure is between temperature range.
  • Remove the bottom cap from the 2-panel drug test card in submerge the drug test strips in the urine.
  • AVOID passing the arrow when submerging the 2-panel drug test card since this can flood the test and invalidate the drug test card.
  • Once all the lines in the C (control) area appear you can read the bottom lines in T (test) area.
  • To interpret results in the 2-panel drug test card follow the image below

FDA CLIA Waived 2 Panel Drug Test Kits

Interpretation of Results

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