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Liquid Crystal Temperature Strip

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Urine Temperature Strips

Drug testing without precision isn't drug testing, if you are not using Liquid Crystal Temperature Strip - Diagnostic Thermometers on your urine collection cup. Our liquid crystal thermometer technology features accuracy within 1°F, offered in roll form dual temp °F/°C strips. Calibrated thermal profiles include temperature ranges from 90°F - 100°F and 32°C - 38°C to ensure valid specimens.

Not a forehead Temperature Strip Liquid Crystal Temperature Strips are diagnostic thermometers that are applied to the outside of urine specimen containers to insure urine submitted in drug testing is the correct temperature and therefore fresh. Temperature zone readings are from 90 to 100 °F and the green color highlights the correct temperature of the liquid. Body temperature is 98.6°F, so provided that the liquid crystal strip shows a green coloration, you can rest assured that the sample is within normal parameters.

  • Product Size:;0.5in x 1.75in (1.27cm x 4.45cm)
  • Response Temperatures: 90°F - 100°F (2° increments) and 33°C - 38°C
  • Accuracy
  • Format: Adhesive label
  • Indicator Display/Type: Reversible liquid crystal
  • Environmental: Non hazardous materials
  • Activation: Self-activating
  • Storage: Room temperature

  • Model: SKU66