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  • Model: W1-MII


 Midstream Pregnancy Test

The midstream pregnancy test is FDA - CLIA waived approved and incorporates a one-step approach to on-site urine pregnancy testing. Our pregnancy test is designed to tell if the urine sample contains a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). An accurate alternative to laboratory testing with results in 5 minutes or less and not in 24-48 hours as required by laboratories. This OTC test is one of the most accurate at home pregnancy test available with detection levels of 20 mIU/ml and the midstream device eliminates the use of collection cup. A cost factor that is kind to your budget, pricing is competitive and our approach makes this midstream pregnancy test the most low cost effective product in the market. A durable choice for hCG midstream pregnancy test has a full 16-24 month shelf life which provides greater flexibility to your hCG pregnancy test.

Interpretation of Results
  • Negative - Not Pregnant: Only one color band appears in the control region. No visible band on the test region is present since hCG concentration is not present in urine or too low for detection.
  • Positive - Pregnant: Distinct color bands appear on the control and test regions. The presence of both test and control lines indicate possible pregnancy. Color intensity of the test band may vary according to the concentration of hCG in urine. The higher the hCG concentration - the darker the intensity of the test line, hence higher the likelihood of pregnancy.
  • Invalid - Uncertain Results: No visible bands in the control and test regions. Make sure to follow the above specified instructions for optimum results.